Reusable Face Shield (2-pack) by The Canadian Shield

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The Canadian Shield is a fully reusable and disinfectable PPE face shield designed for healthcare providers, essential workers, and personal use. The shield is made of high-quality plastic and is Health Canada certified for use in hospitals and by healthcare providers (MDEL 11655 (Company ID 151799)

The Canadian Shield is equipped with an adjustable strap to fit all head sizes. The shield is also designed to be worn comfortably over glasses or safety goggles. 


∙ Reusable: The Canadian Shield can be reused 10-14 times when cleaned using chemical sanitation. Please refer to included instructions and follow Public Health guidelines for sanitation and reuse. 

∙ Affordable: The Canadian Shield is an affordable PPE option when compared to other disposable shields.

∙ Full Coverage: The Canadian Shield exceeds the facial coverage of disposable PPE face shield equivalents.

∙ Compatible with other PPE: The Canadian Shield has been thoroughly tested to work comfortably with other equipment including N95 masks, surgical masks, and safety goggles. 

∙ Adjustable: The Canadian Shield's adjustable head strap ensures a snug and secure fit.