About Us


PPE4Covid is a division of Think Renewables Group, Inc. (TRG), which is a company based in Toronto.  It includes a specialized eCommerce platform that offers a growing range of personal protective equipment (PPE) products to help counter the spread of Covid-19.  In addition, this division includes a wholesale group that facilitates the sale of large orders of PPE.

This business division grew out of the urgent need for action to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and was developed with the assistance of a team that is implementing a separate initiative through the Climate Solutions Advancement Network (ClimateSAN), which is a project of TRG.  This team includes faculty and graduate students from both Ryerson and York Universities.

Many companies have or are in the process of retooling their manufacturing operations to produce PPE.  To help these companies sell their PPE products to the North American market, we are facilitating both retail and wholesale sales.  To facilitate wholesale sales, we engage large buyers such as provincial and state governments in North America.

To facilitate the gifting of PPE to medical, assisted living, homeless shelter and/or nursing home facilities, we are developing a special “gift registry” section on this website enables customers to order and pay for PPE for a selected facility.  Interested facilities will be able to list their required PPE in this gift registry section so that donors could learn what supplies are desired by these facilities.  

The implementing team for the PPE4Covid Division is being led by Paul Stevers, who is also the President and CEO of TRG.